Self guided tours are a wonderful option to add to your next travel plan! These tours are organized by a guide company, however, you will take the tour at your own pace without a guide or group of other travelers. The tour will be planned out for you with all the best sites and stops along the way, but you will have the flexibility to change the schedule or add in a stop at that cute bookstore you saw or squeeze in lunch at that brunch place you passed! These tours are planned for you by travel experts in the city you are visiting so they will be able to create the perfect tour for you. You will also have around the clock support from the tour company if you need assistance while on your journey. Self-guided tours range from walking to trekking to cycling to cultural tours, so there is something for everyone! Self-guided tours are perfect for solo travelers, friends traveling together, and families with who need a more flexible schedule to meet the needs of their children. Book your self-guided tour for your next vacation today!

Delta Vacations

Delta has tours across the globe. Tour fishing villages in Ireland, Valley of the Temples in Italy, or take the Hong Kong Munchies Walking Tour!

Europe Express

Tours with Europe Express include passes for public transportation, museum admission, cooking classes, themed excursions, and more!

Goway Travel

A tailor-made tour will make your next vacation unforgettable! Explore Rome and the Amalfi Coast or go on an African Safari at Kruger National Park.

GoGo Vacations

From romantic getaways to family vacations, GoGo Vacations can customize your vacation with tours, activities, and more!