Satisfy your craving for adventure with an expedition cruise! Cruise through the Galapagos, Antarctica, the Northwest Passage, Iceland, Norway or Australia. Go to remote destinations and have some amazing experiences. Photograph seals in Antarctica. Explore the coasts of Panama and Colombia. Discover seven World Heritage sites through the Iberian Peninsula. These smaller adventure cruises will take you on the trip of a lifetime!


On your own or with a group, Hurtigruten has trips for you! Explore the nature, hidden gems, and historic sites of Norway, the British Isles, and Greenland.

Atlas Ocean Voyages

Small luxury ships will carry you through the Greek Isles, Antartica, the Baltic, and the Norwegian fjords. Get ready for an adventure at every port.

Lindbald Expeditions

Explore the Faroe Islands, Russian arctic, and the Ring of Fire. See wildlife and the natural beauty of your destinations. Luxury and adventure awaits!

Quark Expeditions

Take a cruise through the Arctic and Antarctic. See arctic animals in their natural habitat and enjoy dishes prepared by Inuit chefs.