Take a trip down the inland water ways and make some stops along the way. Take a paddle boat down the Mississippi. With smaller passenger sizes than cruise ships, river cruises can be a more intimate, personal travel option. You may also discover lesser known ports because of the smaller mode of transportation. If you want to explore via the waters, but want an alternative to an ocean cruise, a river cruise might be a great option for your next vacation!

Viking River Cruises

With destinations from Russia to the Mississippi, there is a river cruise for you! Enjoy destination focused meals and plenty of activities on and off the ship!

Viking River Cruises


Take a river cruise through Europe, Asia, Africa, and more! Sail through the vineyards of the Rhine or visit the Christmas markets on the Danube.


American Queen

Journey along the Columbia and Snake Rivers, among others, with American Queen Voyages. Enjoy entertainment on board and unlimited guided tours at your destinations.

Avalon Waterways

Take a journey down the Main River in Germany to see castles and medieval villages. Sail through orchards and vineyards down the Rhone River.

Avalon Waterways

Unveiling the Diversity

Each country's Christmas market offers a unique and enchanting experience that celebrates the region's rich cultural heritage. Embark on a joyful journey through Europe's Christmas markets and immerse yourself in the diverse traditions of each country.

Europe Unwrapped

Experience the joy of Christmas and multiple countries in a single trip. Navigate and maximize your visit to numerous European countries while immersing yourself in the magical charm of their Christmas markets.

Small Ship Cruises

It’s not only the size that matters. Small ship cruises allow passengers to visit hard-to-reach places all while being up close and personal. Travel in luxury with personalized services and learn the unique experience small ships cruises can offer.

Rolling on the River: River Cruises

River cruises are a great way to see the world’s most incredible cities. Learn about life on board a river cruise, and how it is a great alternative to large ship cruising.

Cruising 101

The cruise industry is growing faster and faster with each coming year. Here is the truth about cruising and everything you need to know.