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Japan is a wonderful travel destination any time of the year! There is no shortage of activities and you’ll gaze in wonder at the beauty throughout Japan. Full of history and culture, Japan has many attractions – local markets, sumo wrestling, overnight stays at a temple, and walking through the ancient trails. Visit theme parks, zoos, aquariums, and breweries. Visit Yakushima National Park, hike Yoshida Trail on Mt. Fuji, and canoe through Pinaisara Falls. Enjoy sushi, ramen, and sake. Exploring Japan will be a fantastic adventure!

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Recommended Tours

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Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum or venture to Itsukushima Island to explore temples and shrines. Hiroshima City Asa Zoological park is also a must when visiting!


Eat Michelin star ramen or dine at one of many themed restaurants. Visit the Tsukiji fish markets and explore the 200+ tiny bars at Golden Gai.


Try fresh food at Nishiki Market or visit the sake breweries in Fushimi Sake District. Discover multiple museums, temples, and shrines in Kyoto!

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