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With islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas, Greece is a top travel destination for couples, families, and solo travelers. From Athens to Santorini to Crete, there are beaches, rafting adventures, horseback riding, and plenty of traditional cuisine to try. You can enjoy the Greek theater performances, shop in traditional markets, relax at a spa, or dance the night away to experience Greece’s nightlife. Greece is a top destination for a beautiful and relaxing getaway or a cultural and historical adventure.

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Visit the open air museum city of Parthenon to soak in the history and culture of Athens. Walk or bike through the archaeological sites around the Acropolis.


Surround yourself with breathtaking ocean views while you sip wine and enjoy traditional Greek cooking. Enjoy a museum or spend your days on the beach!


Greece’s biggest island offers museums, white sand beaches, hiking trails and traditional meals in countryside tavernas.

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