Guided tours can be a great addition to your next trip. They offer a great alternative or addition to exploring your destination on your own. One of the biggest benefits in a guided tour is that the tour company organizes and plans the tour for you. They organize the tour schedule based on locations of landmarks and other sites efficiently so that you are maximizing your time while on your vacation. The tour company will also provide transportation, which is one less thing you will have to worry about. Your tour guide will more than likely be a local to the area. This means they will be familiar with the language and culture of your location. Furthermore, your local guide will have insider knowledge of the city you are exploring which could lead to discovering some hidden gems that are popular with locals. Meet other travelers while on your tour and make friends and memories!


Travel the world and make new friends with tours exclusively for 18-35 year olds. Enjoy discovering the U.S. National Parks or exploring Egypt with your new friends!

G Adventures

Local guides will take you and a small group of your fellow travelers on guided tours around the globe – from a living local tour in Italy to the Golden Circle of Iceland.


Cycling tours, family tours, wildlife tours, polar tours, and more can be part of your next adventure with Intrepid!


With sightseeing and experiences like wine tasting and nature walks, Globus really lets you customize your guided adventure to make the most of your getaway!